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New AZ Tractor-Trailer (MELT) Program – License

116 hours of training over 5-6 weeks; Includes Air Brake Endorsement
• Manual Transmission (10 & 13 Speed Gears) Training Included
• Master the Basic Skills (Speed Control, Lane Change, Steering Control, Braking, Reversing & Parking)
• Learn Advanced Skills (Left & Right Turns and Lane Change in Heavy Traffic, Night Driving & Driving in Bad Weather, Truck Inspection Stations)
• Simulator Training expedited learning
• Promotional Package $6,000 only
• Job recommendations Local, Short and Long Haul
• Join any one of our three slots; book ASAP

$7,000.00 $6,000.00

Specialized Turns

Right Turns( Single, Dual, Yield)
Left Turns (Single, Dual)
Button Hook Turn
Modified Button Hook Turns
Butterfly Button Hook turn
Square Out Turn
Combo Turn

Simulator Training

Description Coming Soon

Price Per Hour


Truck backing

a. Straight line
b. Parallel parking
c. Angular-Clean Canadian
d. Angular-Dirty New York
e. Serpentine
f. Jackknife


Truck Driving Course

AZ Skills improvement (Only for AZ Holders)
Pre Trip Inspection (Under The Hood, Bogey Movement, Mirror Adjustment, 5th Wheel Movement)
Gears (10 & 13 Speed Transmission)
Backing (View & Blind Side)
Drive (With Trailer & Specialized Turns)
In Class Training (Hours of Service, Defensive Driving, Load Securement, Transportation of Dangereous Goods)

Special Combo Price Available
(Promotional discount on all above courses taken together)